Populate using surface controller

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Using surface controller to array a window object on faces of a polygon mesh.
Also learn how to set the number of array members to the number of faces in polygon mesh.

Voronoi pattern on 3d surface

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In this tutorial you learn how to approximate a surface using a Voronoi mesh. This tutorial is using para 3d 4.61

Voronoi Mesh (2d)

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This video demonstrate creating 2D Voronoi mesh in 3DS MAX (new feature in Para 3d 4.6).

Surface paneling with round edges.

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Find out more about Para 3d and surface paneling tips and tricks in this video!

Multiple snapshots in Para 3d 4.5

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Learn how to use snapshot node to create different variations of one type.

Child and Parent arrays

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In Para 3d 4.4 you can generate members of one array from members inside another array. This function allows creating dynamic arrays which contains different objects. Keep in mind the objects you use should have same number of modifier and same Base object.

Calculate total floor area of a tower

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In this video you learn how to calculate the total floor area of a given mass.

Advanced tutorial in Ring controller

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Create radial array using Ring controller.

Circle pacling using simple packing algorithm

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This video demonstrate use of Packing controller in order to pack given series of circles around a reference point. The packing process can be animated using key-frame maker.

Modeling Pencil Office

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In this tutorial we’ll show you how¬†to adjust the spacing of a Linear controller by overriding the index value within the array using a Graph controller; we do this to generate the horizontal bars within the facade. In part II of this video series we discuss about how to distribute the members of a two dimensional array along these horizontal members.
For more information about the Pencil Office please visit here.
Part I

Part II
In this part we’ll create two sets of controllers to generate straight and diagonal pattern of vertical members. We’ll learn how to use a blend controller to mix two paraflows. A Graph Node controls the amount of blend¬†between each pattern along the Z axis.


Here is the link to ParaFlow file.