PARA 3d Two Surface Array

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This tutorial shows how to array an object between two surfaces using the Surface Controller in Para 3d. Tutorial by Kory Bieg, OTA+

Use vertex color as input to Bitmap controller

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In this tutorial I used a “Vertex Paint” modifier to paint on the surface and using the colors of the surface in a bitmap controller I modified a parameter of parametric array. This approach works on 1D array while for 2D array you need to do some extra works to achieve the same effect.

Normal vector options in 1D surface controller

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Learn where to use Face normal/Vertex normal/Edge normal in surface cladding.

Surface Domain in Surface controller

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This video explains the new Surface Domain option in surface controller.In 1D domain you can distribute array items according to the edit poly elements (face/edges/vertex) While in 2D domain the input surface is being subdivided according to the number of items in your array.

Randomizing thickness in surface paneling

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In this video you learn how to use random controller within surface controller to change the thickness of panels. Also you learn how to control the random values while using random controller on multiple properties/controllers. For more information on random controller see also : Random pattern and noise effect in animation

Bird’s nest Stadium

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This video explains use of PARA 3d to create a fully parametric concept model of bird’s nest stadium. You can control all aspects of geometry and create multiple variations in less than one second! PART I Introduction PART II Creating the base object in 3ds MAX PART III Generating pattern using Para 3d

Creating Adaptive Components for use in PARA 3D

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Creating an adaptive component in 3ds MAX which can be used in PARA 3d for surface paneling. Adaptive Component are objects which can be modified in base by parametric array.

Interpolate Controller

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You can use Interpolate controller to transform a curve in the array. This controller creates smooth transition between the items you select and modify by intermediate items.

Collection and List controller

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Collecting items from another array in a list based on the value of a bitmap controller.