Following two attractors

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In this video I introduced a new controller in Para 3d V3.0 . Blend controller works just like blend map in 3ds MAX. you provide two different controllers (A and B) and s third controller which controls the blend amount. As blend amount increases from 0 to 1 the result of blend controllers moves from […]

Randomizing Surface division in Para 3d 3.0

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See Para 3d in Action! Again randomizing surface division and use of mix controller to implement two magnets. this time with para 3d V 3.0

Mix multiple magnets

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Learn how to apply multiple magnets on one array.

Introducing Mix controller

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Mix controller offers multiple ways of mixing controllers results( Additive/Average/Minimum/Maximum) . It works on Scalar/Vector and Matrix type of outputs. In this video we control the position of the cubes by mixing two different curve controllers while each one is working on different curve in different dimension. The result is kind of ruled surface generated […]