Release 4.3

Para 3d Version 4.3 release date: 19th of July 2014
This upgrade does not need previous version of Para 3d . We recommend you to uninstall Para 3d before installing this upgrade.

Bug Fixes in 4.2

  • Error caused by canceling save control dialog box corrected
  • Select members functions properly
  • Attribute Holder modifier is now supported
  • Waffle structure (Compound node) has been improved
  • “Mesh” controller now returns the correct number of total edges
  • “Bitmap” controller error corrected in vector output
  • “Condition” controller “swap” function now automatically adjusts the Paraflow
  • “Collection” controller array updates have been corrected

New Features in 4.3:

  • Automatic toolbars installation
  • Ability to save/load Paraflow to/from .para files (only with commercial license)
  • User preferences ( cancel auto zoom functions/ display navigation box)
  • Zoom selected
  • Linker Add-on can links physical constraints to rigid bodies
  • “Parametric Explode” node explodes spline shapes/meshes/edit poly objects to parametric arrays.
  • Trim/Cut/Split functions have been added to “Compound” node
  • “Custom parameter” supports Integer type
  • “Sub-Object offset” controller allows user to override sub-object index

See previous changes in Para 3d 4.2