Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m having some problems downloading Para 3d. Can you help?

Log into the license manager using the username and password provided, select “Upgrade Link” and wait for the installer to be downloaded. In case of any downloading issues, we have sent another link where you will also find the installer.

Two versions are currently available for Para 3d (3.3 + 4.0) if you would like to upgrade to 3.3 repeat the steps above.

If you have not already completed your profile you will be redirected to your profile page after selecting “upgrade link” (make sure you fill in all mandatory fields). When finished, return to the main page and retry the upgrade link.

2. I’m having some problems installing Para 3d. Can you help?

Below are a few things to look for when experiencing issues while downloading:

1. When downloading the license file make sure the “current version” found on the license manager matches the Para-3d version you wish to activate. This is important as each license carries a specific activation key for every version of Para-3d.

2. Do not attempt to open the license file with any application. Simply place the file in its correct location (see note 03). If you have already opened this file, you must delete it and download a new license file.

3. Your license file must be in the <3dsMax Installation folder>\scripts\Startup

For example, if you have installed 3dsMax 2014: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\scripts\Startup

4. The license file must be named: “paramarray_lic”

Occasionally, when downloading the license file your browser will automatically adjust the name to avoid overriding the original file. For example: “paramarray_lic(2)”In this case, back up your original license file and revert the file name to its original state.

5. If you are still experiencing activation issues please look for the “paralog” file under the system temp folder (located at: C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Temp) and send it to support@parametriczoo. From there, we can diagnose your specific issue and get back to you.

3. How can I migrate my Para 3d license to another computer?

If you have not changed any hardware in your PC the activation code will remain the same. Simply select “download” from the license manager and place the license file in the proper location. More specific instructions can be found at the following link:


If you would like to migrate from one PC to another, you must first uninstall Para3d from your current PC. Following the uninstall Para3d will produce a log file (paralog)under the system temp. folder. Please send us this file and we can then reissue your license.

Note: the system temp. folder can be found under:


4. I have a specific question related to a personal project, can you help solve it?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to answer all of our users questions individually. However, we do have a forum we suggest posting to. Either somebody from Para 3d, or within the Para 3d community, will get back to you. This way if another user has a similar issue they can simply refer to the forum. This makes for a much more robust learning environment for everybody. The forum link is below for your reference:


5. What are the differences between Commercial and Academic licenses?

Student are entitled to all minor and major upgrades through our 4 year academic license. Beyond 4 years, Para3d will remain active but you are no longer eligible for free upgrades. Students must upgrade to a commercial license to be eligible for upgrades. Commercial licenses are eligible for minor upgrades only. Major upgrades (V4.0 to V5.0) can be purchased at a discounted rate.

6. How does the demo version work?

Para 3d offers full functionality in our demo version as our commercial license. The demo, however, prohibits the re-opening of Paraflows (Para 3d nodes and relationships).

7. Can I use my Para 3d license on two machines at the same time?

A Para 3d license works exclusively with one machine at a time. If you would like to migrate from one machine to another, check out F.A.Q. number 3, we’ve got you covered.