Release 4.7

Para 3d Version 4.7 release date: 10/8/2015
You must uninstall older version of Para3d before installing this package.

Major Updates

  • Show preview of .Para files in windows browser (thumbnails).


  • Load Paraflows which includes Parametric Meshes and Parametric Shapes
  • Various bugs in Mesh controller has been fixed.
  • Reloading modifiers does not affect the sub-object controller functionality
  • Does not allow dependency loop in Paraflows.
  • Auto zoom functionality has been improved.
  • Error in navigation button has been fixed.

New Controller features

  • Surface controller accepts surface by other controllers ( new surface channel)

Other new features

  • Use Explode node to explode polygon meshes to surfaces ( 2d domain)
  • Use Parametric Mesh to create flat triangulated or fat hexagonal meshes


See previous changes in Para 3d 4.64