Para Edit poly Part I

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learn how to use Para3d edit-poly container.
Part 1

Part 2

Triangulation using Para 3d Edit Poly

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In this video you learn how to setup a triangulation with given triangle size on the faces of the Edit-poly object. you can also control the rotation and alignment of the gird in respect to the edge of polygon face.

Populate using Mesh controller and FFD

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Use Para 3d Mesh-controller and FFD modifier to populate any object on any polygon with quad faces.

Parametric surface tiling

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Use Para Edit-poly node to create rectangular grids on faces of any irregular edit-poly object in 3ds MAX.

Loft surface in Para 3d

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Create loft surface in Para 3d

Capture1 Capture2

Using shape objects in surface cladding

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Image : King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station in Saudi Arabia

Another example of using Shapes and surface controller + sub-object offset controller.


Diagonal surface subdivision

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mkCdLFimage: CVDB Arquitectos’ Ljubljana National Library

In this video you will find out how to use simple spline shape to create surface subdivisions in diagonal direction. Also you learn how to use “delete mesh ” modifier to create a random subdivision effect.

Blend custom patterns

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This tutorial demonstrate use of Blend controller to change the pattern of surface cladding.

Morphing Closed Shapes

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Morphing closed shapes

Introduction to User Controller (Max-script)

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If you know MAX-SCRIPT or C# you can now write controllers for PARA 3d. This video explains the user controller for max-script users and how to share the new controllers with other Para 3d users.