Animated surface paneling

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              In this video we learn how to use an animated parameter to create a dynamic surface paneling.

Surface paneling with round edges.

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Find out more about Para 3d and surface paneling tips and tricks in this video!

Calculate total floor area of a tower

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In this video you learn how to calculate the total floor area of a given mass.

Circle pacling using simple packing algorithm

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This video demonstrate use of Packing controller in order to pack given series of circles around a reference point. The packing process can be animated using key-frame maker.

Get same random value for all items in one dimension

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Random controller provides an extensive interface to generating random values in Para 3d. However the challenge is how to use same random value for all members in a same dimension. This video is an example of using variable override controller to control the behavior of random controller.

Inscribed Circle finding

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                This video shows the new feature of vector controller giving the center and radius of inscribed circle of a triangle by providing the three vertices of the triangle. A NURBS surface is being used to create a random triangulated pattern.

Creating a Fractal pyramid

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Para 3d provides incredibly simple and direct approach to create L-system and fractals. All you need to do is designing the first generation of your fractal. Para will populate objects in array using your given transformations in certain rules which you define in multiple strings.

Parametric surface unfolding,Ready for laser cutting!

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In first part penalization and decomposing a surface while all elements remains responsive.Panels which are on XY plane are created from the same original object.Position of control points are actually result of the same transformation derive from the surface with respect to local coordinate system of the objects laying on the surface. In part two […]

The best way to place mullions on a curtain wall.

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The best way to place mullions on a curtain wall. Curtain wall is made of an edit_poly object which the edges of editpoly represent the axis of mullions , the mullion object itself is a single line object with a sweep modifier on top. This approach allow you to have any type of cross section […]

Surface optimization (Face orientation)

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In this tutorial you find out how to re-structure a polygon to clad the surface with co-directional panels while working with 1D domain in surface controller. Also you learn how to rotate control points/vertices of panel objects by adding a custom parameter and using transform controller on sub-object controller.