Release 4.92

Para 3d Version 4.92 release date: 28-April-2017
This is an upgrade to Para 3d 4.9 and you must install Para3d 3d v4.9 ( or higher version) prior installing the upgrade

New features

  • “Non selected” option has been added to Para Edit poly sub-object selection methods.
  • Using Test controller you can check if a list contains a float number or not.
  • User can control the precision in Curve controller.
  • Enable modifier options has been added to reference arrays (Parametric Array).


  • bug fixed in displaying values (spinners) in controller settings (Max 2017 & 2108)
  • Bug in Graph controller and Magnet controller display is fixed
  • Bug in adding attributes to Parametric Array is fixed
  • Bug in transferring controllers from old array to new array is fixed
  • Vertex normal method in Mesh controller returns the true normal if edit poly method selected

See previous changes in Para 3d 4.91