*All pricing shown in US dollars
License Type Commercial Academic
User Professionals Students w/ valid academic email
Valid Lifetime 4 Years w/ upgrades
Minor Upgrade Yes Yes
Version Upgrade $50.00 *Free
Individual License $150.00
2-Pack $255.00 Unavailable
3-Pack $330.00 Unavailable
Registration Online Email
Buy now Buy now

*Student are entitled to all minor and major upgrades through our 4 year academic license. Beyond 4 years, Para3d will remain active but you are no longer eligible for free upgrades. Students must upgrade to a commercial license to be eligible for upgrades.


Software Lock

Each Para 3d license works exclusively with one machine. Users can migrate to another machine once the software log file is available. To access your log file, (after uninstalling) look under: current user/temp folder and email us at:

Design Workshops

Schools and universities can benefit from our intensive 2-4 workshops in addition to academic discounts on licensing. If you would like to schedule a workshop or outfit an entire classroom with Para 3d, please contact us at: