Loft surface in Para 3d

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Create loft surface in Para 3d

Using shape objects in surface cladding

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Image : King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station in Saudi Arabia Another example of using Shapes and surface controller + sub-object offset controller.  

Diagonal surface subdivision

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image: CVDB Arquitectos’ Ljubljana National Library In this video you will find out how to use simple spline shape to create surface subdivisions in diagonal direction. Also you learn how to use “delete mesh ” modifier to create a random subdivision effect.

Blend custom patterns

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  This tutorial demonstrate use of Blend controller to change the pattern of surface cladding.

Introduction to User Controller (Max-script)

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If you know MAX-SCRIPT or C# you can now write controllers for PARA 3d. This video explains the user controller for max-script users and how to share the new controllers with other Para 3d users.

Animated surface paneling

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              In this video we learn how to use an animated parameter to create a dynamic surface paneling.

Random curves on a surface.

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                    This is an advanced tutorial in Para 3d which demonstrate the usage of logic , test and condition controllers. Image courtesy of Philip Michael Brown Download the Paraflow from here.

Trimming panels after surface paneling

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Para 3d Surface controller does not deal with trimmed surfaces and non-quad polygons in boundary of a trimmed surface. To solve this issue you need to map the entire surface (untrimmed surface) and then trim the result geometry with the border you like. The process is still parametric if you use Para 3d compound node. […]

2D & 3D convex hull

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Creating 2d/3d convex hull from given set of points in 3DS MAX You can download Paraflows here : Paraflow1 Paraflow2

Populate using surface controller

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Using surface controller to array a window object on faces of a polygon mesh. Also learn how to set the number of array members to the number of faces in polygon mesh.