Triangulation using Para 3d Edit Poly

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In this video you learn how to setup a triangulation with given triangle size on the faces of the Edit-poly object. you can also control the rotation and alignment of the gird in respect to the edge of polygon face.

Populate using Mesh controller and FFD

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Use Para 3d Mesh-controller and FFD modifier to populate any object on any polygon with quad faces.

Parametric surface tiling

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Use Para Edit-poly node to create rectangular grids on faces of any irregular edit-poly object in 3ds MAX.

2D & 3D convex hull

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Creating 2d/3d convex hull from given set of points in 3DS MAX You can download Paraflows here : Paraflow1 Paraflow2

Populate using surface controller

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Using surface controller to array a window object on faces of a polygon mesh. Also learn how to set the number of array members to the number of faces in polygon mesh.


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This tool allow users to visualize a given parameter by coloring items using given color chart.

Inscribed Circle finding

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                This video shows the new feature of vector controller giving the center and radius of inscribed circle of a triangle by providing the three vertices of the triangle. A NURBS surface is being used to create a random triangulated pattern.

Extracting shapes from meshes and polys

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I think everyone knows a little of 3d MAX he must know how to create shapes from polygon and meshes, however the result shape is not associated with polygon object which means if you edit the original mesh you may need to extract the edges again to create the shape. With Para 3d it’s now […]

The best way to place mullions on a curtain wall.

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The best way to place mullions on a curtain wall. Curtain wall is made of an edit_poly object which the edges of editpoly represent the axis of mullions , the mullion object itself is a single line object with a sweep modifier on top. This approach allow you to have any type of cross section […]

Working with triangulated mesh and mesh controller

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Mesh controller provides access to Mesh data of geometries from all kind. With mesh controller you can work with faces/edges and vertices of the meshes. A short example of using this feature has shown in this video.