Animated surface paneling

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              In this video we learn how to use an animated parameter to create a dynamic surface paneling.

Randomizing Surface division in Para 3d 3.0

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See Para 3d in Action! Again randomizing surface division and use of mix controller to implement two magnets. this time with para 3d V 3.0

Randomizing surface divisions

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This is an advanced tutorial in using PARA 3d to create noise effect in the divisions made by a surface controller. Before practice this tutorial you need to check the previous video to find out how to make the adaptive component which you can see at the beginning of this video. click here to go […]

Surface paneling by 3DS MAX Surface modifier

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This video demonstrate a very simple and quick technique which uses the surf-deform modifier and PARA 3d to panelize a NURBS surface, if you work on patches you may use patch deform instead. We use offset controller and sub-object controllers to slide the hexagon shape panels on the surface in a way that they make […]