Release 4.4

Para 3d Version 4.4 release date: 9th of Nov. 2014
This upgrade does not need previous version of Para 3d . We recommend you to uninstall Para 3d before installing this upgrade.

Bugs Fixed

  • Error fixed in deleting Para 3d nodes
  • Load/Save Para 3d nodes functionality improved
  • Bug in Surface controller
  • Bugs fixed in ‘Attach’ functionality of ‘Compound’ objects
  • bug fixed in ring controller ( Turn channel was not working)
  • Linear controller bug fixed (You can now use this controller as sub controllers )
  • Intersection controller bugs fixed
  • Bug fixed in curve controller ( normal /Bi-normal vector )

New Features in 4.4:

  • Parametric array can now inherit members from another parametric array
  • Para 3d now supports two new types of values : Ray and Quat
  • Intersection controller solves Curve/Plane intersection
  • custom controller supports true/false and signed parameter
  • Invert array function in Array Variable Override controller
  • Snapshot node can generate multiple snapshots at once. Snapshot objects are members of new array
  • mesh controller supports matrix output
  • Vector controller returns Midpoint
  • Convert controller can convert different types to/from Ray and Quat values


See previous changes in Para 3d 4.3