Custom pattern tool in SubObject controller

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Learn how to use Sub object controller in surface controller in order to create custom patterns.

Randomizing thickness in surface paneling

Posted in: Random values, Surface Paneling- May 23, 2012 2 Comments

In this video you learn how to use random controller within surface controller to change the thickness of panels. Also you learn how to control the random values while using random controller on multiple properties/controllers. For more information on random controller see also : Random pattern and noise effect in animation

Bird’s nest Stadium

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This video explains use of PARA 3d to create a fully parametric concept model of bird’s nest stadium. You can control all aspects of geometry and create multiple variations in less than one second! PART I Introduction PART II Creating the base object in 3ds MAX PART III Generating pattern using Para 3d

Converting vectors to scalar

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In early versions of PARA 3d you could derive scalar values directly from the curve controller. In new version this function is not available and you need to use Convert controller to convert vector outputs like Position/Rotation to the scalar type for use in scalar properties.

Using Sub_object controller (Advanced Surface paneling)

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This is an advance tutorial in surface paneling using surface controller and sub-object controller. In this video you learn how to use Sub-Object controller inside surface controllers to modify the panel size and shape. Also you find pattern option to create honeycomb pattern with a single hexagon shape.