Release 4.2

Para 3d Version 4.2 release date: 9th of June 2014
In order to upgrade to Para 3d V4.2 you must have Para 3d V4.0 currently installed (this plugin will not work as a stand alone).

Bug Fixes in 4.1

  • Copy/Paste in “Array Compound” functionality improved
  • Linear” controller now moves objects in the correct direction
  • Controller assignment optimized

New Features in 4.2:

  • Node” controller has been added to library – extracts basic information from 3ds Max objects
  • Add-on “Scene Manager” allows users to change layers and visibility
  • Member selection now allows multiple nodes to be selected simultaneously
  • Compound object” enables users to create waffle structures
  • Cancel” option in right click menu
  • Snipped Code” added – see 3ds max script code generated by Para 3d controllers
  • Collection” controller interval option has improved
  • “Custom Parameter” provides loop parameter which can be used in conjunction with “Collection” controller
  • Generate xy.yz.zx planes directly from “Vector” controller
  • Wire frame” node extracts top and bottom edges of mesh objects
  • Parametric Mesh” node allows users to add and update customized patterns dynamically

See previous changes in Para 3d 4.1