Release 4.64

Para 3d Version 4.64 release date: 7/24/2015
This upgrade requires Para 3d 4.6 to be installed.

Major Updates

  • Automated license activation.
  • New ‘User Controller‘ has been introduced. This new controller allows users to extend Para 3d functionality by creating brand new controllers using MaxScript or C# programming language.
  • Para users can now generate 2d and 3d convex hull, Delaunay and Voronoi meshes using Parametric mesh and Parametric Shape nodes.
  • Math-surf 3.0 compatibility ( coming soon)


  • Loading and Saving Para-flows has been improved. (Commercial version only)
  • Test Controller‘ & ‘Custom Parameter‘ type initialization.
  • Bug in showing ‘Transform controller‘ input list
  • Various bugs in ‘Para Shape‘, CSV exporter and ‘Math controller‘ have been fixed.
  • Keyframe maker is now able to generate key frames for parametric meshes.
  • Bug in using d3 options in ‘Mesh controller‘ is fixed.
  • bug in exploding ‘Para mesh‘ is fixed.
  • Some various bugs fixed in ‘Mesh controller’

New Controller features

  • New ‘User Controller‘ has been introduced.
  • Math controller‘ allows variable names to be edited.
  • Vector controller‘ Convert vectors from Cartesian coordinate system to other coordinate systems
  • List controller‘ returns the sum of vectors
  • Node controller‘ return the material name ,children nodes and more…
  • Custom parameter‘ handles strings

Other new features

  • Use Parametric Mesh to generate 3d convex hull.
  • Use Parametric Mesh to create Delaunay and Voronoi mesh.
  • Use Parametric Shape to create 2d convex hull.
  • Para shape allows shapes to be reset


See previous changes in Para 3d 4.5