Release 4.71

Para 3d Version 4.71 release date: 11/3/2015
This is an upgrade for Para 3d V 4.7. You must install Para 3d 4.7 before installing this upgrade.

Major Updates

  • Loads non-animatble properties in addition to animatable properties in Parametric Arrays.
  • Indicate which properties cannot be animated (shows with italic font)
  • Can load Reference arrays and snapshots from Para flows.
  • Automatically reloads the properties after adding modifiers on first node of reference arrays.


  • Bug in license activation fixed.
  • Paint node works now with Para Explode and Disassemble node.
  • Reference Array stays connected to Para Shape after user clicks on reset button .
  • Bug in loading Para compound node from Paraflow files is fixed.
  • Bug in generate members from other array is fixed.
  • Error in making snapshots of spline shape type is fixed.
  • Making snapshots are faster.


See previous changes in Para 3d 4.7