Release 5.0

Para 3d Version 5.0 release date: 13-April-2020
Please remove the older version of Para 3d before installing this upgrade.

Bugs fixed

  • Controller parameters were not visible in previous release. This issue is fixed now in
    • Min Max parameters in Bitmap Controller
    • Initial value in Transform controller
    • Parameters of Intersection controller
    • Parameters of L-System controller
    • Controller channel in Offset controller
    • Output parameters in Polyline controller
  • Error in updating Para-Shape node  in 3DS MAX 2020
  • Bug in trainagulation function of Edit Poly node has been fixed now. All traingles are created in the same size
  • In vector controller Bug in Construction of plane with point and normal is fixed.
  • In vector controller Bug in reporting co-planar vectors is fixed

New features

  • Mesh subdivision and smoothing is now added to the Edit poly node.
  • Link controller can now be used with Edit poly node. This provides access to the information of editable poly object which is being modified by Edit Poly Node.
  • Enable construction of XY,YZ and ZX plane at given point.
  • The value types of Object and Ray could now be converted into String type using Text controller.

See previous changes in Para 3d 4.95