Current Version (3.3)

Latest built V 3.3 released 30th September 2013.

Bugs fixed:

  • Bugs around controller Copy/paste function
  • Bugs in creating parametric arrays from a selection of MAX objects
  • Bugs in computing normal vector in Mesh Controller
  • Bugs in collection controller

New Para Features :

  • By introducing new value type “String” ,Para can now set the texts inside the MAX Text objects

New controller features:

  • New Text controller is available. All types of values can be converted to String type.
  • Mix Controller allows adding multiple string values.
  • Vector controller has more functions, Radius and center of InCircle and Circumscribed circle of three points.
  • Mesh Controller provide options to collect the outputs in a list. (multidimensional lists in output)
  • List controller returns the index of items in a sorted list.

New Interface features:

  • About button has been added to display toolbar
  • Labels can be removed from right-click menu


  • Multiple graphs in one Graph controller has been┬ádeprecated. In case you want to use graph controller on multiple dimension you need to use mix controller to mix multiple individual graph controller.

 See previous changes in Para 3.2