Modeling Pencil Office

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In this tutorial we’ll show you how to adjust the spacing of a Linear controller by overriding the index value within the array using a Graph controller; we do this to generate the horizontal bars within the facade. In part II of this video series we discuss about how to distribute the members of a two dimensional array along these horizontal members.
For more information about the Pencil Office please visit here.
Part I

Part II
In this part we’ll create two sets of controllers to generate straight and diagonal pattern of vertical members. We’ll learn how to use a blend controller to mix two paraflows. A Graph Node controls the amount of blend between each pattern along the Z axis.


Here is the link to ParaFlow file.


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    Link Download. Do not Here. nist baba nist mifahmiiiiii

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    how do I download this tutorial?

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    Nice Tutorial, thank you for taking the time, much appreciated

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