Create Geometric pattern on NURBS surface

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This video demonstrate use of “sub-object offset” controller to create custom pattern in surface paneling with Para.

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  1. baniasad says:

    cament ha ra khondam
    vali hajmi ke dar shek hast ra natonestam dorost konam
    agar dar mord hajm hai bedon poste amozesh bedid mamnon misham

  2. arash daryaee says:

    thank for your reply, it really helped, i make my nurbs surface & pattern just like the tutorial but when i use my custom pattern in the sub controller ( last part ) my patterns are stretched out too much around the surface, i did all the tutorial steps 1 by 1 but the result is not the same 🙁
    id really appreciate if u could help me again…

  3. arash daryaee says:

    hello, thanks for tutorials, i have a question would you please explain how u make the ellipse in this video? & why surface controller cant pick mesh surfaces?
    thanks again

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