Blend controller

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      Blend controller takes two input and mix them using the third input (Blend amount). Below is the formula used in blend controller:

Bitmap controller

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      This controller extract the RGB , HSV and Alpha values from a given bitmap (image) or procedural map or the vertex color channel of the mesh geometries

Array variable and Array variable override controllers

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Array Variable Controller This controller returns some basic information about the array members and current scene states. Note that controller retrieve the information from the members of the first parent (container) node in a Paraflow.Also if the controller is used under Array Variable Override controller then the new values that are overwritten by the AVO […]

All you need to know about Mesh Controller

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      Mesh Controller This controller extract information about Faces,Edges and Vertices of an Editable Mesh or Editable Poly object.

Para EditPoly and Bitmap controller

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In this article I’m trying to address a question by Ben Rabinson posted on Para 3d forum. For more information about the original post please see this link. How does a Bitmap Controller work? Before we start , let me explain how Bitmap controller works. A Bitmap controller extract information from bitmaps and procedural maps. […]

Building a parametric space frame structure

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This tutorial is trying to answer a question that was posted originally by Tom on the forum. So, I suggest you to read the original post here. Our problem is to populate a given structure on the surfaces of spline base cage. The first answer comes in mind is to use Para 3d surface controller, […]

Para Edit poly Part I

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learn how to use Para3d edit-poly container. Part 1 Part 2

Triangulation using Para 3d Edit Poly

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In this video you learn how to setup a triangulation with given triangle size on the faces of the Edit-poly object. you can also control the rotation and alignment of the gird in respect to the edge of polygon face.

Populate using Mesh controller and FFD

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Use Para 3d Mesh-controller and FFD modifier to populate any object on any polygon with quad faces.

Parametric surface tiling

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Use Para Edit-poly node to create rectangular grids on faces of any irregular edit-poly object in 3ds MAX.