Parametric Wall

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In this video tutorial you learn how to place objects on a surface with consistent gap between them.Also how to align them to the direction of the surface. Surface controller can optimize the input surface in such a way that you create uniform divisions along the surface to achieve the consistent gap.

Get same random value for all items in one dimension

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Random controller provides an extensive interface to generating random values in Para 3d. However the challenge is how to use same random value for all members in a same dimension. This video is an example of using variable override controller to control the behavior of random controller.

Multiple magnet animation

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In this video I collect a list of positions from an array of points using the collection controller. Then I passed this list to a magnet controller. Magnet controller generates output for each point in collection and return a list of scalar values.Then using a List controller I managed to find the biggest magnet value […]

Enabling and disabling MAX modifiers via Para

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In Para 3d 3.2 and higher , modifiers states can be set via Para 3d. Para controllers which can provide Boolean Type of values can be used to enable /disable the modifiers. Example below is showing how to use this function to delete objects from array dynamically by changing the DeleteMesh modifier state from Off […]

Inscribed Circle finding

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                This video shows the new feature of vector controller giving the center and radius of inscribed circle of a triangle by providing the three vertices of the triangle. A NURBS surface is being used to create a random triangulated pattern.

Editing texts via Para 3d

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This video shows the use of Text controller to change the text inside the 3ds MAX text objects. notice that option cannot be animated.

How to calculate the area of quad polygons

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This video tells you how to use Para to calculate the surface area of quad polygons arrayed on a surface. This is helpful specially when you do surface paneling and you need to know how big are the panels and what’s the size of smallest and biggest panel. The logic is simple , take two […]

triangulate surface in 2D domain

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In this short video you will find out how to create triangular pattern on a surface with 2d domain. ParaMesh provides different options on mesh structure and with minor adjustments and UV offsets you can achieve your desired pattern.

Creating a Fractal pyramid

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Para 3d provides incredibly simple and direct approach to create L-system and fractals. All you need to do is designing the first generation of your fractal. Para will populate objects in array using your given transformations in certain rules which you define in multiple strings.

Extracting shapes from meshes and polys

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I think everyone knows a little of 3d MAX he must know how to create shapes from polygon and meshes, however the result shape is not associated with polygon object which means if you edit the original mesh you may need to extract the edges again to create the shape. With Para 3d it’s now […]