Current Version (3.2)

Latest built V 3.2 released 11th September 2013.

Bugs fixed:

  • Create Parametric Arrays from selected objects when Para dialog is open.
  • Link Objects function problem is fixed in link controller.
  • Set distance function in Linear controller fixed.
  • Interpolate controller in Matrix mode fixed.
  • Parametric Shape bugs fixed.
  • Various bugs fixed.

New Para Features :

  • Para can use control points in all types of FFD modifier.
  • Para can explode EditablePoly objects and editable Spline objects to Parametric Arrays. (Find this function under para utilities)

New controller features:

  • Magnet controller accepts multiple magnetic points (object override channel accept the list of objects)
  • You can sort values within the List controller by comparing the results of another controller.
  • Link controller can access the parameters of different Parametric Arrays when it being used under Collection controller.
  • Different update methods has been integrated in Collection and List controllers.
  • Better functionality in Collection controller.

New Interface features:

  • Better performance and better graphic.( New interface is programmed in WPF)
  • Searching among the properties. (Function recalled from Para 2.8)
  • New labels can help to put comments and notes next to other Para nodes. (find it under ‘+’ button)
  • Automatic zoom and pan function in Para dialog when user select different nodes which are not visible in current view.
  • Para node interface creates multiple connections when user tries to pull out the wire from multiple selected properties.
  • User can add or remove modifiers from array members and refresh the property list. (refresh button)
  • Automatically remove animations before closing 3ds MAX.
  • Update methods improved.
  • User can clear the selected properties from Right click menu (No need to go to the beginning of the list)

See previous changes in Para 3.1