Diagonal surface subdivision

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image: CVDB Arquitectos’ Ljubljana National Library In this video you will find out how to use simple spline shape to create surface subdivisions in diagonal direction. Also you learn how to use “delete mesh ” modifier to create a random subdivision effect.

Random curves on a surface.

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                    This is an advanced tutorial in Para 3d which demonstrate the usage of logic , test and condition controllers. Image courtesy of Philip Michael Brown Download the Paraflow from here.

2D & 3D convex hull

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Creating 2d/3d convex hull from given set of points in 3DS MAX You can download Paraflows here : Paraflow1 Paraflow2

Voronoi Mesh (2d)

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This video demonstrate creating 2D Voronoi mesh in 3DS MAX (new feature in Para 3d 4.6).

Multiple snapshots in Para 3d 4.5

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Learn how to use snapshot node to create different variations of one type.

Circle pacling using simple packing algorithm

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This video demonstrate use of Packing controller in order to pack given series of circles around a reference point. The packing process can be animated using key-frame maker.

Get same random value for all items in one dimension

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Random controller provides an extensive interface to generating random values in Para 3d. However the challenge is how to use same random value for all members in a same dimension. This video is an example of using variable override controller to control the behavior of random controller.

Enabling and disabling MAX modifiers via Para

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In Para 3d 3.2 and higher , modifiers states can be set via Para 3d. Para controllers which can provide Boolean Type of values can be used to enable /disable the modifiers. Example below is showing how to use this function to delete objects from array dynamically by changing the DeleteMesh modifier state from Off […]

Select random value from a given list

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Random controller generates random values in range of [min,max]. for example in range of 1 to 20 you can expect numbers line 2.45123 and 10. Now what if you want to pick a value which you defined previously in a random manner. let’s say you have a list of scalar values like {2,5,10,20} and only […]

Randomizing Surface division in Para 3d 3.0

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See Para 3d in Action! Again randomizing surface division and use of mix controller to implement two magnets. this time with para 3d V 3.0