Voronoi Mesh (2d)

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This video demonstrate creating 2D Voronoi mesh in 3DS MAX (new feature in Para 3d 4.6).

Advanced tutorial in Ring controller

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Create radial array using Ring controller.

Parametric Wall

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In this video tutorial you learn how to place objects on a surface with consistent gap between them.Also how to align them to the direction of the surface. Surface controller can optimize the input surface in such a way that you create uniform divisions along the surface to achieve the consistent gap.

Following two attractors

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In this video I introduced a new controller in Para 3d V3.0 . Blend controller works just like blend map in 3ds MAX. you provide two different controllers (A and B) and s third controller which controls the blend amount. As blend amount increases from 0 to 1 the result of blend controllers moves from […]

Introducing Parametric Mesh node

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Para 3d v3.0 offers new function which allow users to create parametric meshes by giving a set of vertices. In the beginning of the video I managed to create a SIN curve using math controller and in the second part a parametric mesh creates an envelope connecting the frames.

Spiral stairs

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As some users are asking for basic tutorials, I have decided to redo some old videos which was based on old interface of Para but using the new version. These practices are very short and quick just to recover some basics from old videos. Old version : New version:

Bird’s nest Stadium

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This video explains use of PARA 3d to create a fully parametric concept model of bird’s nest stadium. You can control all aspects of geometry and create multiple variations in less than one second! PART I Introduction PART II Creating the base object in 3ds MAX PART III Generating pattern using Para 3d

Converting vectors to scalar

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In early versions of PARA 3d you could derive scalar values directly from the curve controller. In new version this function is not available and you need to use Convert controller to convert vector outputs like Position/Rotation to the scalar type for use in scalar properties.

Loft objects in PARA 3D

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This video shows the potential of using Loft object in Parametric array. If you array the loft object PARA cannot find the information about the PATH object (base line) To get access to the vertices of the path object you need to animate the object before you use it.