Animated surface paneling

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              In this video we learn how to use an animated parameter to create a dynamic surface paneling.

2D & 3D convex hull

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Creating 2d/3d convex hull from given set of points in 3DS MAX You can download Paraflows here : Paraflow1 Paraflow2

Populate using surface controller

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Using surface controller to array a window object on faces of a polygon mesh. Also learn how to set the number of array members to the number of faces in polygon mesh.

Surface paneling with round edges.

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Find out more about Para 3d and surface paneling tips and tricks in this video!

Child and Parent arrays

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In Para 3d 4.4 you can generate members of one array from members inside another array. This function allows creating dynamic arrays which contains different objects. Keep in mind the objects you use should have same number of modifier and same Base object.

Concepts behind Para 3d

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This presentation was an attempt to reveal some basic ideas and concepts of Para 3d. It helps you to understand how Para 3d works and what it can do.

PARA 3d Two Surface Array

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This tutorial shows how to array an object between two surfaces using the Surface Controller in Para 3d. Tutorial by Kory Bieg, OTA+

Randomizing thickness in surface paneling

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In this video you learn how to use random controller within surface controller to change the thickness of panels. Also you learn how to control the random values while using random controller on multiple properties/controllers. For more information on random controller see also : Random pattern and noise effect in animation

Collection and List controller

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Collecting items from another array in a list based on the value of a bitmap controller.