Get same random value for all items in one dimension

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Random controller provides an extensive interface to generating random values in Para 3d. However the challenge is how to use same random value for all members in a same dimension. This video is an example of using variable override controller to control the behavior of random controller.

Multiple magnet animation

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In this video I collect a list of positions from an array of points using the collection controller. Then I passed this list to a magnet controller. Magnet controller generates output for each point in collection and return a list of scalar values.Then using a List controller I managed to find the biggest magnet value […]

Enabling and disabling MAX modifiers via Para

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In Para 3d 3.2 and higher , modifiers states can be set via Para 3d. Para controllers which can provide Boolean Type of values can be used to enable /disable the modifiers. Example below is showing how to use this function to delete objects from array dynamically by changing the DeleteMesh modifier state from Off […]

Inscribed Circle finding

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                This video shows the new feature of vector controller giving the center and radius of inscribed circle of a triangle by providing the three vertices of the triangle. A NURBS surface is being used to create a random triangulated pattern.