Animated surface paneling

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              In this video we learn how to use an animated parameter to create a dynamic surface paneling.

Circle pacling using simple packing algorithm

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This video demonstrate use of Packing controller in order to pack given series of circles around a reference point. The packing process can be animated using key-frame maker.

Multiple magnet animation

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In this video I collect a list of positions from an array of points using the collection controller. Then I passed this list to a magnet controller. Magnet controller generates output for each point in collection and return a list of scalar values.Then using a List controller I managed to find the biggest magnet value […]

Randomized pattern and noise effect in animation

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Random controller can generate both Fresh and Repetitive random values. Watch this video to find out how to use the random controller to create a random pattern and how to generates (or avoid generating) random values during animation using key frame maker utility.