Release 4.0

Para 3d Version 4.0 release date: 23rd of April 2014

Complete ground up restructuring for higher performance, increased stability and stronger platform for future development

New Features :

  • Add-ons

    • Array Selection – Selects array members using boolean value
    • Export to Comma Separated Values (CSV) (exports controller outputs to text files*)
    • Array Size – Dynamic array count adjustment
    • Snap Shot – Creates single geometry from an array member*
    • Key Frame Maker – Generates key frames  for members within an array in a specified time span*
    • Array Linker – Links 3ds Max Nodes using Para 3d controllers
    • Paint – Adjusts an objects color using controller output*
  • Parametric Nodes

    • All parametric nodes have output channels enabling more complex relationships
    • Reference Array – Users can generate multiple reference arrays from existing parametric arrays
    • Compound Node – Enables users to combined members of multiple arrays using boolean operations or shape attachments
    • Contour Generator – Produces section cuts using spline output through a given array
    • Extract Wireframe – Converts edges of polygon members into splines

New Controller features:

  • Packing Controller

    • Allows users to pack circles/spheres in 2d and 3d using two types of algorithms
  • Intersection Controller

    • Line and geometry intersection added
    • Verifies object intersections with Boolean output
    • Supports scalar output (i.e. minimum distances  between objects, angles of intersection etc.)
    • Greater output functionality
  • Curve Controller

    • Evaluates closed curves with True/False return output
    • Returns segment length
    • Evaluates curves at given T-parameters
  • Collection Controller

    • Collects multi-dimensional inputs and is able of producing outputs in 5d
    • Generates collection from Intervals
  • Convert Controller

    • Transform matrices to scalar format rotation in x,y,z
  • Link Controller

    • Object override functionality
  • List Controller

    • Returns items by specified dimension
  • L-System

    • Generates one dimensional array output
  • Magnet Controller

    • Vector type including effect position and rotation
    • Now includes enhanced functionality options similar to scalar controller
  • Mesh Controller

    • Increased output functionality under Object Input
  • Mix Controller

    • Ability to mix lists (join, subtract and intersect)
  • Offset Controller

    • Now supports string and object output
  • Para Link Controller

    • Additional “look up” options
  • Polyline Controller

    • Additional “search in” functions (shape + Spline)
  • Random Controller

    • Now supports 1D list as output type
  • Range Controller

    • Now supports 1D list as output type
    • Automatically calculates min/max input
  • Ring Controller

    • Added “Start Angle” parameter
  • Text Controller

    • Additional text formatting functionality
  • Transform Controller

    • Enhanced User Interface

Relocated Features:

  • Condition Controller – “Select Object” tools (note: this option has been relocated under “Add-ons>Array selection”
  • Array Count Settings from “Curve Controller”, “Mesh Controller”  and “L-System Controller” (Note: this option has been relocated under “Add-ons>Array size”)

* Previously located under Utilities tab

See previous changes in 3.3