PARA 3D on MAX 2013

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If you are planning to upgrade to 3DS MAX 2013, you must know that the current version of PARA 3D has not tested on MAX 2013, however with minor changes in installation you can get this plug-in running. Please read the following instruction and let us know if you face any problem after setting up the plug-n.

1. The first problem you will face is missing icons in toolbars. In Max 2013 UI folder has been renamed to “UI_In” therefore You need to copy the icon fildes from the folder UI/ICONS into UI_In/Icons and UI_IN/IconsDark. Files to be copied are named as :
para3d_24i.bmp, para3d_16i.bmp

2.Download the mix controller file from the link below and replace it with existing file under script/startup/parametric array/controllers
link to download :

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