How to install Para 3d ?

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learn how to install Para 3d on 3ds MAX and how to setup its user interface .

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  1. sim0na_a says:

    Hi, I have installed today Demo version 4.3. When I want to ‘Create Parameter…’ appears the next message:
    ,,Para 3d tiral has expired.
    Please uninstall Para and obtain a license.
    To botain a license please visit this link.”
    I don’t understand what is the problem. Please help me!

  2. enigma-98 says:

    Hi, I have installed Demo version 4.3. All things were fine before I pushed the button ‘Create Parameter…’. After I pushed it, the message appeared

    Para 3d tiral has expired.
    Please uninstall Para and obtain a license.
    To botain a license please visit this link.

    The link didn’t work, and I installed the demo you’ve sent to me, today!!!
    I’m not sure what the problem is, but looking back, strange things were that there was nothing I can see when I selected ‘Agreement’ on the page of license.
    And one more thing that I can guess is that I installed ‘Parametric Array’ which is old version. But I removed all files according to the instruction named ‘Demo Installation’.

    Please help me.

  3. pouya2281 says:

    how i can get this plugin freee!??????????

  4. jn1cholson says:

    Hi, I installed the program and can access the Para 3d Setting dialogue box no problem – but when I do, and create parametric array, the small pop-up box is greyed out and does nothing. Any help is much appreciated 🙂

  5. beachboy13 says:

    Hi, I am trying to install para 3.3 into max 2014. I am having the same problems as the people above. I have followed all the instructions that can be found here but still have no para icons in the max program. I have copied the icons into the files as instructed. I am running windows 7 64 bit. Can you help please….thankyou

  6. tvrdaska says:

    Hi, I have problem with creating parametric array from box. Its not working, it says me “– No “”+”” function for undefined.” Could you help me please?
    Thank you

  7. abeer says:

    got it . no worries. But i couldnt download license thou i copied and pasted request code.

  8. abeer says:

    hi, jus instaled para 3.3 in max2013. i couldnt find para toolbar.
    no torabi tools in helpers.
    para loading dialogue popd up while start up but no tools inside max. plz help.
    I am licensed user.

  9. mauro says:

    donde lo puedo descragar para version 3d max

  10. gsgoodwin says:

    Why is there no icons on the tool bar. followed all the steps in the video.. and same as the person above.. there is no Create>Helpers>Torabi tools option. Running version 3.0 on Max 2012 Design Windows 7. Please help Need this plug in ASAP

    • PARA says:

      check the MAX icons folder and see if the files para3d_16i.bmp and para3d_24i.bmp are located in there, max icons folder is usually under \ui folder. UI folder also differs from language to language , make sure you install the English version of 3ds max.

  11. shohreh says:

    Hi, i have installed 3dmax 2013 using windows on my mac, i have fallowed your instructions, but the para icons does not appear when i open 3dmax, even tho it installs para when i start 3dmax. Could you please help me ? Thnx.

    • PARA says:

      Do you see the Parray command under Create>Helpers>Torabi tools ? and does it work when you create array from create tab?
      if the Para loading dialog pops up at start up then you should find the icons in CUI just like what is being demonstrated in the video.

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