Array on curves inside another array

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In this video I’m creating a curve network. A curve network consist of a series of curves which has been assigned to curves from another array. Also you learn how to use Xform modifier to transform selected vertices of a shape object. PART I PART II

Creating organic forms in PARA 3d

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One of the interesting functions of PARA 3d is the link tool from the link controller. using this tool you can actually link the objects together just like what you do with link function in 3ds MAX. Index values defines the target objects for link operation. for example index1= -1 means objects will be linked […]

Using Sliders as external links

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This video shows how to use slider objects as input value in PARA 3d. You also learn the difference of internal links and external links. we also use Math controller with pattern controller to alter the output of link controller in every other object.

Finding closest object in array to a given point.

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To find the closest item of an array to the given point P, we should sort the list of points based on the distance from -P-. in this sorted list the first item is always closest point. see the video to find out how to setup controller in 3ds MAX to do so.

Collection and List controller

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Collecting items from another array in a list based on the value of a bitmap controller.

Basics of Link controller

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This is a new edition of old video tutorial (Parametric Brick wall) which uses link and math controllers to create a random pattern of stone blocks.