Curve Controller Part 1

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This video demonstrate two different methods of curve subdividing. first method takes the number of divisions and the second method works with the length of subdivisions.

Loft objects in PARA 3D

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This video shows the potential of using Loft object in Parametric array. If you array the loft object PARA cannot find the information about the PATH object (base line) To get access to the vertices of the path object you need to animate the object before you use it.

Curve as magnet

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Magnet controller can take a curve controller as source of magnetic effect. Instead of picking magnet node assign a curve controller to the Reference Controller channel and set the curve controller output to closest point.

Introducing Mix controller

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Mix controller offers multiple ways of mixing controllers results( Additive/Average/Minimum/Maximum) . It works on Scalar/Vector and Matrix type of outputs. In this video we control the position of the cubes by mixing two different curve controllers while each one is working on different curve in different dimension. The result is kind of ruled surface generated […]

Randomizing location of items along the curve.

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PARA 3D in its new interface allows users to combine different controllers to achieve more complex result. The example below shows that you can randomize the Local Offset value of the curve controller by assigning a random controller to its property.